UK churches offering parking spaces for rent

Times are tough and with COVID-19-related lockdowns and associated cash flow issues, most establishments across the world have been struggling for the past few months to survive. 

A report has emerged on how 100 churches in the United Kingdom (UK) have found a novel way to supplement their revenue and cover their running costs. 

The churches are said to be making more than £20,000 by renting out their empty car park spaces to motorists needing a place to park.

The research done by, found that more than 100 churches are listed on the portal’s pre-booking parking website, where motorists can find flexible and alternative options to on-street parking and traditional car parks. 

The report points out that since there are around 16,000 registered churches in the UK, this represents only a fraction of the total number who could be making significant additional income as over 85 per cent of these churches have suitable parking spaces.

Rebecca Oliver, Facilities and Commercial Manageress of St Wilfrid’s Church said listing the church on the parking app was a “straightforward and affordable way” for the church to monetise its car park without having to spend a lot of time managing it.


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