Urgent appeal for the rehabilitation of Adenta-Dodowa road

Urgent appeal for the rehabilitation of Adenta-Dodowa road

Dear Editor,

 I write to draw the attention of the government to the alarm­ing state of the Adenta-Dodowa road which has deteriorated over the past year.

The deplorable condition of this vital road has been a source of immense concern for the community, and it is imperative that this issue was addressed promptly.

Recently, the situation on this stretch of road has worsened significantly, with the emergence of large and hazardous potholes.

These potholes do not only make driving dangerous but also impede the flow of traffic, lead­ing to significant delays.

Commuters using this road often find themselves spending up to an hour navigating these treacherous conditions.

It is worth noting that some concerned residents have taken it upon themselves to temporari­ly fill these potholes, but regret­tably, these makeshift repairs are short-lived, and the road rapidly reverts to its deplorable state.

Nonetheless, despite the best intentions of concerned resi­dents, their efforts to restore the road to its former condi­tion have yielded no significant results.

In an attempt to avoid the perilous potholes and lessen the traffic congestion on this stretch, certain drivers have resorted to taking shortcuts in order to reach their destinations promptly.

However, it is unfortunate that these alternative routes often prove to be in worse con­dition than the main road.

This has led to incidents such as burst fuel tanks and vehicle damage, creating additional safety concerns for commuters.

In the light of these circum­stances, we earnestly implore the government to intervene and undertake the much-need­ed rehabilitation of the Aden­ta-Dodowa stretch of the road.

The people of this community are looking forward to a time­ly resolution of this. We thank government in advance for your consideration of our concerns.

George Obeng Osei Oyibi

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