Water is unforgiving when out of control!#

Water is unforgiving when out of control!#

Some damaged structures caused by the Akosombo dam spillage

“WATER is extremely useful but if it is not tamed it can cause extreme destruction and hard­ship” and we are currently battling with such a scenario as the spillage from the Akosombo Dam wreaks havoc that will take years or even decades to come to terms with the long-term effects.

If you live in Accra, which is the capital of inflation and enjoyment (all rolled into one) then you are conversant with the annual ritual of flooding and media reportage of “once again torrential rains have hit the Accra Metropolis…………….a team of ministers, NADMO officials have visited the site to ascertain the impact on….”-GNA. Unfortu­nately history repeats itself.

What is happening in areas affected by the spillage is unthinkable and devastating. Have we learnt any lessons and are we planning ways of doing this better should the need arise? ‘

Could we have set up equipped camps before asking people to relocate?

What is the impact especially on children who have to leave their home under such circumstances? There are more questions than an­swers but as always the Ghanaian in us has risen up to the challenge.

What are some of the immediate challenges as we clean up?

1. Electrocution – put off power sources. Leave it to professionals to determine when it is safe to switch power on

2. Look out for broken bottles, nails, metals and other sharp objects that may injure you. Wear appropriate safety boots etc. or leave it to those who are trained.

3. Avoid contact with insects and animals. There may be many stray animals with diseases such as rabies

4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water as often as need­ed and wear protective gloves and other clothing if possible

5. If you are unsure of an area avoid it until professional help is available

The Painful Reality of Flooding

1. Economic Loss

a. Destruction of property in this case is extreme and it has brought economic activity to its knees. People are too busy surviving to think about business now.

2. Environmental Challenges

a. Damaged farmlands and fish farms will bring about economic hardships for farmers as stored food and farm products may be destroyed. These losses will eventually hit the pockets of even those who live several miles away.

3. Effect on humans

a. Fortunately for us no life lost has been linked directly to this flooding BUT what about days and months as the unfortunate drama unfolds?

4. Diseases

a. Floods will always leave a myr­iad of diseases in its trail, both immediate and long-term. Infec­tious diseases will have a field day and these include; common cold, food poisoning, cholera, typhoid and Hepatitis A. Then malaria will show its ugly head too.

b. The physical and mental impact on our health is often ignored but anyone who has been a vic­tim of the effects of a flood will tell you that they experience shock, anxiety, fear, sadness, an­ger and physical symptoms such as headaches and general body pains. It sounds to me as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Your guess is as good as mine, the effects are most devastating in children. Fortunately there are plans to engage psychologists, counsellors and other profession­als to assist.

We all know by now how unfor­giving water is when not managed appropriately. Many individuals and businesses are supporting the move to bring some sanity to those affected. What can we do as well?


Dr. Kojo Cobba Essel

Health Essentials Ltd/ Mobissel


*Dr. Essel is a medical doctor, holds an MBA and is ISSA certified in exercise therapy, fitness nutri­tion and corrective exercise. He is the author of the award-winning book, ‘Unravelling The Essentials of Health & Wealth.’

Thought for the week – “If it takes you 10 minutes to take a bath, about 3 women in the world would have been diagnosed with breast cancer by the time you are done; think about that. Remember that though rare, men too may get breast cancer.”

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By Dr. Kojo Cobba Essel

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