We commend government for Agenda 111

Under a special programme of development for the health sector known as Agenda 111, the government under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has outlined the building of hospitals throughout the country totalling 111.

The Spectator is very happy about this programme because of its significance to the people of Ghana.

First of all, the health needs of Ghanaians cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Secondly, it will help to bring massive improvement in the lives of people.

Thirdly, the project will give employment to people in the building and construction sector. In a way, this will help to reduce the rate of unemployment, no matter how little, in this country.

Fourthly, the project will help in the employment of a number of health professionals in the health sector including medical doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants and many others. All these will inure to the benefit of this country.

Health does not necessarily refer to the absence of disease, but according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), good health depends on our ability to have peace to create activities that lead to socio-economic development of people. This means that if people are hindered by obstacles that make it possible for them to promote development in their lives, the state of health cannot be said to be good.

The general atmosphere of peace in the country, together with the availability of enough supply of food due to the Planting for Food and Jobs Programme as well as the guarantee of security for the nation bears testimony to the fact that Ghana is not only enjoying the fight against diseases, but total peace as well. Thus, Ghanaians are enjoying good health, according to the WHO criteria for health.

Ghanaians must be proud of this NPP-led government for this extraordinary initiative of the biggest investment in this sector since independence. What it means is that every district will have its own hospital, all totalling 88 while regions without such facilities will also have theirs to cover the regional status.

Good health impacts economic growth in several ways. It makes medical care easily available to the people. The end result is that the people can be made strong to go about their duties. Again, when this happens it leads to increase in productivity because of a reduction in illness on the part of the people.

We need to commend the government for a great job done and since these are to be completed within 18 months, it means that by early 2023, even if six more months are added to the deadline, every district in Ghana will have its own hospital.

Similarly, the regional hospitals which are also to start later this year will be completed by the middle or third quarter of 2022.

The issue of diseases such as Ebola gained prominence in certain parts of Africa because of lack of quality medical facilities. For this reason, the hospitals being built throughout the country, in addition to those being built under different projects will make the country independent in terms of health.

Countries with strong medical systems are able to cater well for their citizens in terms of quality medical care. This is because the availability of such medical care systems makes it possible for easy access to healthcare.

If the hospitals concentrated in one area, the rest of the country would suffer in terms of provision of quality care towards the treatment of the people.

It is for this reason that the establishment of hospitals in all regions and districts will serve a good purpose as far as medical care is concerned. Another good thing is that all the hospitals will be fully equipped with modern gadgets, so as to ensure easy diagnosis and care for patients.

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