We need a structured market now! – Nima traders lament

We need a structured market now! – Nima traders lament

Dear  Editor,

Kindly use your medium to relay an important message to authorities that  traders and residents at Nima desperately need a proper structured market.

Despite several promises made by recurrent government, the promised market structure for Nima is still a mirage.

The lack of a market place for these traders is a great challenge to them since it has compelled  them to sell by the roadside, which is very risky to their lives.

The frustration and plight is further compounded during rainy seasons as  they have to pack up everything and find shelter to keep the rain from destroying their wares.

On Wednesdays, which is a  market day at Nima, the streets become so crowded, and the traffic situation is not the only cause for worry . Another headache is that often, there are accidents as a result of the fact that motorists and traders share the same road for business.

The government should as a matter of urgency respond to this plea because constructing a proper market structure at Nima is long overdue.

On the issue of COVID-19, adherence of preventive measures at the Nima market is almost impossible because of the aforementioned reasons among others; such as traders complaining that wearing a facemask and trading under the scorching sun is extremely difficult for them.


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