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This week is lively and can animate interactions and encourage fast thinking, enabling you to get out of any potentially tricky situations. Naturally, this could complicate affairs, so it would pay to tread with care this week and over the coming weeks. You might also need to redefine your plans and perhaps not rely solely on luck to see you through.


There could be delays concerning cash flow and money matters in general. Or you might decide to go on an inner journey and explore the landscape of your soul. Finally, a dynamic solar tie between Jupiter and Pluto over the weekend hints that you’ll be eager for new experiences.


 Your natural communicative qualities can shine and bestow you with extra wit and savviness. What seemed set in stone may not be, which could be a cause of frustration. Create a plan so you can bring it to life and persevere. There should be a call to look into any emotional blocks that may be preventing you from being as successful as you’d like.


It’s also a good time to connect with those who share your goals for developing greater awareness. If a past connection is still causing hurt, use the coming weeks to bring about healing. And if you need help with this, get it.  This could stir up a desire to travel and enjoy new experiences. It can be a very uplifting time.


It’s time to plan for the long term. If you have big goals to reach and ambitions to fulfill, you’ll need to change your mindset. And if you’re looking for romance, this flirtatious influence can be helpful for attracting some wonderful prospects. If there are any skeletons rattling in the closet, this influence encourages you to open the door and take a closer look.


What seemed a done deal may not be, and you might need to renegotiate the terms. Don’t let resentment simmer. It’s better to get things out in the open to bring about healing. This can be a chance to develop a winning mindset rather than just hope for the best.


You may be very curious about many things, and this could lead you to see about taking a class or workshop and perhaps study for a degree or certification. You could grow disillusioned concerning your beliefs about something or someone, and yet this might be a part of the growth process. By daily visualizing the result you seek, you could reach your goal in no time. If you’re ready to remodel your home, get the ball rolling now in terms of financing and costs, and opt for the slow and steady approach.


This is a good time to talk about them, particularly those that you’ve tended to avoid. If you need to discuss certain issues with a counselor, therapist, or other trusted confidant, this is the time to do so. It could be a real relief. It’s time to highlight your skills, as well as enjoy special activities or a romantic break.


This can be an uplifting week if you’re willing to set new ideas in motion and wait patiently for the results. This very convivial energy might inspire you to connect with people from all walks of life, and you’ll find it easy to make new friends. Are you happy about the feelings you have? This is the time to reflect on them.


Relationships with co-workers and clients can be positive, fostering good connections. Though this can seem difficult for a while, fate may be at work, and something good could emerge from this. This week and remains so for some months, so you might reconsider your attitude to success and happiness and what you can do to improve on such matters.


This could find you indulging in a new hobby, sport, or any other activity that requires dexterity and flexibility. During this phase, you may wonder if this is the right person for you. Avoid making any such decisions until Venus turns direct once again. Finally, money matters come into focus as fiery Mars moves into Pisces, encouraging you to be proactive about handling any ongoing issues.


The people you connect with can have a profound influence on you as the sun makes some leading aspects. This can be a time to contemplate ideas and projects and perhaps start on them even though they could take a while to come to fruition. This is also a good time to do inner-child work and generally explore any stuck emotions.

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