Well done New Juaben South Municipal Assembly for timely road repairs

Well done New Juaben South Municipal Assembly for timely road repairs

Fixed Koforidua-highway stretch

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the prompt action taken by the authorities of the New Juaben South Municipality re­garding the potholes on the Koforid­ua highway, which I previously high­lighted on the Letter to the Editor page of your respected newspaper a couple of weeks ago.

It brings me great joy to witness the positive changes on the road since those concerns were ex­pressed.

The timely filling of the potholes is a commendable effort that de­serves recognition.

The swift response by the author­ities will undoubtedly contribute to ensuring the safety of commuters and preventing potential threats to human lives.

I would like to extend my grat­itude to the authorities of New Juaben South Municipality for its commitment to addressing the con­cerns raised by the community. The road repairs has not only enhance the overall safety of the highway but also facilitate the smooth flow of traffic, mitigating the risk of vehicle damage.

It is heartening to see local au­thorities taking proactive measures to address community concerns promptly.

I hope that such dedication to public safety continues to foster a positive and secure environment for all road users.

George Obeng Osei


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