What children need from us as parents, guardians, caregivers

Children need and thrive well in a home environment where there is love, warmth and security.

How comfortable is your child at home? Is he/she a happy child? Does he/she love his home envi­ronment and enjoys being at home often if he/she has no school en­gagements or other social events outside that demands his/her attendance.

Is she extremely proud inviting his/her peers/friends home? If the responses to these few questions are in the affirmative then it is encouraging.

It also implies that you are also doing something right to make them comfortable. It is better for them to have their peers come over whiles you still keep a vigi­lant watch over them under your very nose than for them to always spend time outside.

How do children define love? / What are children’s understanding of love?

Even though we are much more experienced and fully grown adults, one thing we should nev­er lose sight of is that our dear little ones observe us a lot and see through us. They know parents who genuinely care for them and their welfare by various measures.

To majority of them, love means providing them with their basic needs such as food and by this, it should be a delicious and of course a nutritious one! Children can simply tell how discriminato­ry you are by the disparity in the kind of meal you serve them or just by the mere size of the pro­tein you serve them as compared to the other sibling (who might be your own biological or a favourite one), especially when that one has been a torn in your flesh.

However, as difficult as it is, he/ she is rather the one you should serve the largest piece! For all you know that simple act might be what will turn him/her around.

Also, how promptly you attend to their health care needs, provid­ing and following up on their ed­ucation, providing them clothes, allowing them time to play, being involved in their lives despite your busy schedule by attending their events and taking them out oc­casionally, protecting them from danger, harm or hurt, so in effect ensuring that they are secured, and above all correcting them in love among others show them how much you love them.

As parents and guardians we have a crucial role to play in our young ones’ lives with regard to their growth, development and conduct.

It is evident that in cases where parents have been actively in­volved in their children’s lives and education to a core, the children have been regular at school, made progress in their school work, and are inspired and confident.

Indeed what will it profit a man to acquire all the wealth, busy his/her whole life time and lose the very valuable person you cher­ish the most and toiled for? So let us strive to give our young ones our very best! Watch out for the subsequent publications on the continuation of our young one’s perspective on what love means to them as stated about!

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