Whip up interest in wildlife conservation

Dear Editor,

I would be glad if you could spare me some space to talk about wildlife conversation as I am attracted to wildlife in many ways due to the benefits and value they add to human existence.

There are various interest groups and organisations working to provide safer habitat for animals, birds, and plants that are becoming extinct in our country but I wish to indicate that the idea of protecting wildlife should be embedded into young people right from the start.

I believe getting young people, especially children, interested in natural history and conservation is one of the steps we can take.

When parents start instilling in children the value of protecting animals, it may go a long way to help develop a new generation of young people who would forever remain interested in environmental conservation.

I am aware many children have interest in animals; therefore, whipping up their interest through good literature, field trips, documentaries and other interesting activities would yield long term results.

Jennifer Yayra Opare,

Student, University for Development Studies (UDS)

Nyankpala Campus.

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