Why breast cancer awareness is necessary

One of the diseases in the world which keeps haunting many people is cancer. Many disease experts are not able to explain clearly how it comes about.

Some researches, however, have revealed that smoking and drinking can cause cancer but the exact causes are not known.

The human body is made up of cells and these keep dividing into various sections from time to time.

Cancer occurs, according to medical experts, when some of the cells begin to go bad. This is what brings about the disease.

It can affect any parts of the body; the tongue, brain or the eye, leg, throat and the intestines.

This makes cancer a very frightening disease which cannot be easily explained by disease experts or medical doctors.

For this reason, we ought to be open-minded and report strange things noticed on any parts of the body.

One type of cancer which affects both men and women is breast cancer, though more common in women than men.

For this reason, people are always advised to examine their breasts regularly, and report breast lump to the doctor. Breast cancer awareness is, therefore, necessary to enable us take note of strange observations and report same to the doctor.

The Spectator is, therefore, appealing to everyone to be very observant in order that strange things that are observed on the body and around the breast can be taken to the hospital quickly.

Women are especially advised to continuously examine their breasts so that if any lump is observed, they will take it to the hospital for proper examination by the doctor.

It is important for people to take it serious so that corrective measures could be taken by doctors to prevent worsening of the situation and even death.

Let us, therefore, take the issue of breast cancer seriously for “a stitch in time saves nine.”

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