Why do we have these exam leakages?

It is known that organised human activities are not perfect and for this reason many of the activities instituted on this earth tend to have certain problems but when it comes to exam leakages, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) cannot hide under human imperfection because examinations relate to the future of students and so ought to be organised in a leakage-free environment.

Exam leakages may come from several causes but it usually comes from within WAEC itself for which reason officers of WAEC would have to be investigated thoroughly.

The effects of these exam leakages are unpleasant because they contribute to loss of confidence in the certificates issued by WAEC to successful candidates.

Apart from this, leakages mean that the examinations will have to be organised again for the students to ensure fairness. This creates mental torture for the students but nothing is usually done to compensate them.

It is, therefore, important for WAEC officials to know that their work is very important since it involves the training of human resource in Ghana. The training of the young ones is evaluated through final examinations conducted by WAEC.

If, therefore, the security of the examinations cannot be guaranteed, then the officials at WAEC have no justification to continue to remain at post.

The Ministry of Education and other stakeholders in Ghana and West Africa must put their heads together and collaborate with WAEC to fight against exam leakages in the sub-region. This is what is needed to bring decency into the system.

Many a time, when leakages of certain papers occur, WAEC officials come out to say that they are investigating the matter after which they will deal with the culprits.

This constant excuse is no longer acceptable. The reason for this is that the examination questions are set by WAEC itself so if there are any leakages, it is that examination body that must be blamed.

The Spectator holds the opinion that, the time has come for everyone to take the issue of leakage as a serious matter and deal with it once and for all, so that this negative practice can no longer be attractive to examination criminals in the country and other parts of the sub-region.

Additionally, we think it is crucial for the examination body to consider electronic means of assessing candidates. This can be thoroughly examined by experts, so that permanent solution can be found to this issue.

We need to save ourselves from exam leakages because it is a big shame and disgrace to the examination body while causing embarrassment to other stakeholders.

This practice must stop immediately.

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