Winneba- Swedru road needs attention

Winneba- Swedru road needs attention

The deteriorating nature of the road

 Dear Editor,

Kindly permit me to use this column of your esteemed newspaper to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities, the deteriorating nature of the Winneba- Swedru road.

The condition of the road is very terrible and pathet­ic.

There are many potholes on the road, making it diffi­cult for drivers to navigate their ways through.

This does not only slow down traffic but also cause several accidents.

The road users and most importantly residents living closer to the roadside face great inconvenience.

The potholes become the breeding grounds for mos­quitoes as they occupy the stagnant water gathered on the stretch.

Also, passengers espe­cially pregnant women on board these vehicles endure a long period of discom­fort as cars go through the bumps.

It has been like this for over four years and nothing has been done about the bad nature of the road.

Residents on the Winne­ba- Swedru road are calling on the appropriate author­ities to come to their aid and take a swift action into fixing the road.

Nicholas Nyarkoh, Swedru.

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