Woman calls off wedding, sells £13,500 engagement ring on Facebook

Woman calls off wedding, sells £13,500 engagement ring on Facebook

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 After calling off her wedding, a woman caused controversy by listing her £13,500 engage­ment ring for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The Australian woman claimed that although, her partner had given her a one-carat diamond ring from Tiffany, it had now been put up for sale for “obvious rea­sons.”

In light of the fact that she had only recently started wearing the expensive ring, she listed it for £10,000, a considerable discount. Despite the savings, there was a heated argument in the comments about whether she ought to return the ring to her ex-partner.

The woman posted on Facebook as follows, “Selling this for obvious reasons. I do, now I don’t.

“Compare to current Tiffany pric­ing of a 1.0 Carat ring at $23,600, I am letting go of this beauty at $18,500. Condition is close to brand new – never worn much. “Sorry no receipt as I didn’t buy it obviously. Bank transfers only.”

The woman received a flood of feedback after putting the adver­tisement online, with some sug­gesting that she return the ring and one adding that there might even be legal ramifications.

Following her actions, reactions and comments have been sparked.

One user wrote: “If he paid for it, it’s his and he should get all the money.” And another said: “Legally you can’t sell this and have to give it back if you didn’t proceed with the marriage.”

But others disagreed, saying the woman was within her rights to sell the ring. One added: “Not true – it’s considered a gift and it’s hers.” Then a fourth user con­tributed: “Good for you for keep ­ing it. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

But other users were concerned the sale might be a scam, as there was no receipt or certificate of authenticity with the ring.

Source: www. guardian.ng

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