Working together in parliament

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has stated that in view of the outcome of the parliamentary results, there is the need for the two major political parties in Ghana (NPP and the NDC) to work together.

Whether NDC or NPP, working together in the interest of the nation is necessary to ensure that national interest is guaranteed. Collaboration or togetherness in deliberations will not mean that they should all agree on the same issue, but rather pursue national interest and bury their differences in parliament to ensure that the supreme interest of the nation is promoted at all times.

Collaborating with each other in parliamentary duties is necessary for the promotion of socio-economic development. What this means is that both sides of the political divide in parliament, that is, the Majority and the Minority, are there to pursue the interest of the country.

In doing this, they will have to agree and disagree on various issues but this must be done in the spirit of party togetherness so that needless waste of time and prolonged arguments can be avoided. This is what the country needs now.

Unity is therefore, paramount in the interest of the nation.

This is because both the Majority and Minority have a common agenda to pursue. That agenda, is to promote the interest of Ghana and its people.

If the two sides in parliament collaborate with each other, approval of policies can be carried out faster or timeously. When this happens, it is the nation as a whole that gains.

The impression has been created over the years that parliamentarians become vociferous when they are pursuing the interest of their respective political parties but when it comes to financial gains pertaining to themselves, they become unified and more cooperative.

This is always the case when it comes to issues such as discussion of their ex-gratia or matters that affect their own interest and welfare.

This perception ought to be eroded through active collaboration of all parliamentarians irrespective of whether the person belongs to either the Majority or Minority. What matters most is the national interest: Period!

The President is expected to appoint majority of his ministers from parliament in line with the requirements of the constitution. In view of this, the Executive may be crippled in a way since from time to time, these ministers will have to stay and work in their offices. Staying and working in their offices will mean that they will not always be present to deliberate on parliamentary matters.

In spite of this, and in the supreme interest of the nation, The Spectator urges both the Majority and the Minority to collaborate with each other in order to set a sound agenda for the entire country.

If this is done, the entire country will be the winner.

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