Yam fufu

Yam fufu

• Yam fufu can be eaten with any soup

Yam fufu is often prepared in the traditional method by pounding the yam in a mortar into an elastic or desired texture.


-Two tubers of yam

-Four cups of cold water


-Use a knife to peel the yam.

-Cut each tuber into five or six pieces or desirable then split each piece in the middle part.

-Wash the yam pieces thorough­ly and place them into a pot.

-Add four cups of cold water to cover the yam pieces and place the pot on fire.

-Bring water to boil over high heat, use a fork to gauge if yam pieces are soft enough to be mashed or until you notice a cloudy look on yam.

-Remove the yam pieces from the pot and place them into a bowl.

 -Reserve some of the yam wa­ter to use for processer/blender.

-Place the yam pieces into a bowl to cool down

-Wash the mortar and pestle neatly.

-Pound yam in a mortar until the texture is smooth and serve.

-In case one wants to use the blender or food processor (use a spoon and scoop the mashed yam pieces into a blender or processor.

-Add the water you boiled the yam with into a blender or processor.

-Use pulse speed to remove any lumps – avoid puree mix­ture, use low-speed setting.

-Once the mixture has an elas­tic texture remove it from the blender and serve with any soup of your choice.

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