Yearning to connect amid the pandemic

Yearning to connect amid the pandemic

Families across the world are disconnected because of the travel restrictions imposed by various countries to curb the spread of the corona virus disease (COVID-19) .

Some people  cannot legally cross from one country to the other to reunite with their families after weeks of separation, while others dread the mandatory quarantine if they are able to travel.

Then, there is another category of people who cannot even afford the 150 dollars being charged for instant civid-19 test at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), Accra, Ghana.

Yet, the holiday spirit and family re-union is bracing the odds, as passengers from various countries troop to the airport.

For the last few weeks that the embargo on air travels was lifted by the government, travellers have been photographed waiting in queue to get their covid-19 test taken before leaving the departure terminal.

Outside the Terminal Three of the airport many families have been seen waiting anxiously to welcome their families from various countries back to Ghana.

Our photojournalist captured some families connecting in smaller and more intimate ways.

Mr Sam Mensah, a passenger from South Africa said, “he visits his family every year and “Despite the spread, I cannot afford to miss this opportunity to see his family this year”.

A staff checking health documents at the arrival hall of terminal three of the KIA, said despite the pandemic there had been overwhelming number of passengers, especially Ghanaians coming back to their families  .

He emphasised on the covid-19 measures the company had taken to ensure travellers coming into the country were safe.

By Geoffrey Buta.

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