Be agents of peace ahead of Dec. 7 elections – Mercy Owusu

A veteran gospel musician, Mercy Owusu, has urged Ghanaians to endeavour to live in peace and ensure that the December 7 elections become  successful.

She made these remarks recently at the  launch of her latest album titled ‘Yensuro’ at the Techiman, Bono East Region, CAC Central Assembly.

Ms Owusu said the December 7 elections could become successful when “we all decide to become agents of peace.”

“Let’s kindly ensure to be tolerant and not give an eyeball for an eyeball, knowing that we are all children of God and have the responsibility to love one another as Christ has loved us,” she stressed.

Whilst expressing her profound gratitude to those who graced her “successful” album launch, the exciting gospel musician appealed to Ghanaians to follow the safety protocols instituted by the government to help combat the corona virus pandemic.

“Let’s constantly wash our hands, use hand sanitisers as frequently as possible, wear our nose masks, especially when engaging in activities publicly and observe social distancing as well.

“By doing so, we will exercise our freedom without let and hindrance ,” she said.

She said it was her utmost desire “to see all of us crossover to 2021 without sickness or sorrow.”

“We must always trust in the Lord in all our ways and acknowledge Him, not leaning on our own understanding knowing that  He that watches over Israel never sleeps nor slumbers.”

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