Celebrating Ghana must go beyond beads, clothes – Akorfa Edjeani

Celebrating Ghana must go beyond beads, clothes – Akorfa Edjeani

Akorfa Edjeani

Ghanaian actress and producer, Akorfa Edjeani has called on Ghanaians to move beyond wearing made-in- Ghana clothes and ornaments in celebrating Ghana Month (March) but renew their mindset and attitudes.

Akorfa Edjeani said, there should be a conscious effort to celebrate the country’s unique­ness in terms of culture and identity aside wearing local­ly-made attires.

“If we are celebrating Ghana, it’s not just enough to be wear­ing the beads and the Ghanaian clothes. We have to reorient our minds. You can be wearing them and still not be Ghanaian or African enough in your mind,” she stated on Joy Prime’s ‘Prime Morning’ as part of the Ghana Month celebrations.

“So, we need to reorient our minds, and we should know that we have only one Ghana, and we need to build it up,” she added.

According to the veteran actress, a positive attitude towards the Ghanaian movie industry would also go a long way to promote the country and foster development.

She said, it was important to improve the sector and utilise the space to showcase Ghana’s rich culture and heritage.

She called on key players in the industry to rebuild and strengthen the Ghanaian film in­dustry and to produce films that would benefit Ghana and show­case its talent and potential.

“Talking about Ghana again, we should have our film indus­try. We should build the film in­dustry. Why did we sell the film hub that we had? We sold it off, and now we don’t have a place. If we’re talking about Ghana, we should bring the things that will benefit Ghana,” she stat­ed.

By Michael D. Abayateye

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