Conjoined twins explains sex life

Conjoined twins explains sex life

Conjoined twins

 A set of alleged conjoined twins, who share a vagina, have opened up about their “uncomfortable” sex lives. The 19-year-old sisters, known only as Mia and Lia for privacy reasons, took to social media to detail their sexual orientations and how they approach sex when one is attracted to men and the other to women.

Mia and Lia decided to share their story after it was revealed that con­joined twin Abby Hensel secretly tied the knot to boyfriend Josh Bowling, 33, in 2021. During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Mia and Lia responded to questions about their sex lives, re­vealing intimate details including that they no longer masturbate because it’s too “uncomfortable” for them.

Kicking off the post, the twins said: “We are connected at the ab­domen, so two different brains, two hearts, four(ish) lungs (our left and right lungs respectively are kind of fused so it’s more like a 3rd lung than a 4th), two livers, two stomachs, and then below that we share our intes­tines, bladder, and our reproductive system.

“So yes, the same vagina! We each have one arm and leg we can control respectively.” The twins then went on to explain how their bodies were formed and who held the greater strengths. The post read: “Lia’s lungs have been compressed by my body and on top of that she has severe scoliosis in her spine.”

Revealing it was Mia doing the writing, the sisters opened up about their sexualities before inviting a slew of questions from curious strang­ers. “Yes, I am a lesbian and Lia is straight. I’ve had a girlfriend although we split it off when I went to univer­sity, and she has had a long-distance boyfriend when we were teens,” the post read.

The sisters then pointed out that they were sharing their lives online so that people could ask them questions instead of bothering other conjoined twins who hadn’t given them permis­sion. The first topic that came up was masturbation, which the twins de­scribed as “uncomfortable.”

When one user asked how often the sisters resorted to self-pleasure, they were quick to shut it down. The sisters replied: “We have masturbated in the past, but we’ve agreed not to do it as it was too uncomfortable for us.” Another web user questioned if masturbating felt like “incest” to the twins. Responding to the personal query, the sisters admitted that it felt bothersome but not incestuous.

They added: “With masturbation, it wasn’t that it felt like incest, it was more like: imagine this. Imagine someone touching your shoulder, in­cessantly. It would be pretty annoying and weird right? That’s what it’s like if Lia touches our vagina, it feels like someone messing around with your body.” Social media users were relent­less in their curiosity, bombarding the twins with questions about their sex­ual experiences, particularly whether they both experienced arousal given their shared anatomy.

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