Constant Boty, uses music to raise funds for Village of Hope

A renowned international guitarist, composer and producer, Constant Boty has initiated Time to Care musical project to raise funds for the children of Village of Hope orphanage in Gomoa-Fetteh in the Central Region.

Constant Boty , together with  London-based Russian/Polish jazz vocalist, Tamara Raven, would stand for the children of Village of Hope to together to produce Time to Care, a beautiful piece of music composed by Boty, that magnificently resonates with the world’s current situation.

 “Music comes to me by divine means so I am just striving to give back the divine in myself to the divine in all. “ Boty said.

The song’s lyrics, written by a young poet, Dzidzo Johnson, contain a simple message: We all need to join hands and offer care to those who need it the most. This lyricist, incidentally, is an alumna of Hope Christian Academy, one of Village of Hope’s educational institutions. Since 2002, Hope Christian Academy has provided basic education to orphans and vulnerable children as well as members of the rural Gomoa-Fetteh and surrounding communities in the Central Region of Ghana.

The focus of Constant Boty and, therefore, the purpose of Time to Care are to raise funds to purchase desperately needed equipment for Hope Christian Hospital’s newly constructed paediatric wing.

Hope Christian Hospital is another subsidiary ministry of Village of Hope and provides care primarily to the children of Village of Hope and the entire Gomoa-Fetteh, he said.

Hope Christian Hospital is the only healthcare facility for over 80 communities.

In producing the Music, Constant Boty sent the core of the song to Araba Hammond, the music teacher at Village of Hope to rehearse the song with the children, out of which she selected 12.

They would all join Constant Boty at Destiny studios in Accra, Ghana, where they would have extensive series of rehearsals under the supervision of Boty before engaging in the recording act of Time to Care.

 From her studio in London, UK, Tamara Raven the lead vocalist on the project would  record her voice, then sound engineer Alfred Djarah would put it all together to produce the final mix and  the mastering done in France. 

The children of Village of Hope are the most excited about this project, because they would be a part of a compelling message that brings people together.

They are greatly anticipating the release of their song in November 2020.

 Constant Boty is generously giving all the proceeds of the song to Village of Hope to serve their cause.

By Francis Xah

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