Election 2020: An astrological perspective of ‘God’s Confusion’

I was not surprised when my media colleague, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, stated that God must be confused, in response to so-called men of God making varying prophesies about who God has destined to win Ghana’s Election 2020. If it can be proven that every presidential aspirant has his own god, then these ‘prophets’ can be forgiven for their weird preferences. But if it is the one omnipotent God we all know who is revealing these conflicting predictions to these people who claim to be His men, something must be wrong somewhere. Is God really confused?

First, God is not, and must not be, mocked. What will the one whose prophesy fails give as an excuse? But why these pastors fall over themselves in the manner they do beats the mind. Methinks it is only a ploy to court social media attention or to make themselves relevant.

In my article on Astrology in National Elections, carried by the Daily Graphic on January 4 this year, I explained how elections and even world affairs are influenced by interplanetary positions in the cosmos. That was how I predicted Elections 2008, 2012 and 2016, with the most difficult being the Triple Conjunction of the 2008 elections because there’s provision for a second round, not third in our elections. But Tain Constituency in the then Brong Ahafo proved the Triple Conjunction theory right.

The Nominal Ruler of this year is Mercury, the Planet that governs Intellect. But Mercury is less favourable in the Chart of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) than the New Patriotic Party (NPP) this year. A smart move by the NPP can get them to retain power, come December 7. That, however, is not automatic because a smart move predicated on the negative could lead to an implosion in their party’s fortunes.

Another Planet, Pluto, has been in transition since December ending of 2008. Its influence on the NDC since then has been negative for the party.  Prominent members turning their backs on the group are but a few of this planetary influence.

A retrograde Pluto, Neptune and Uranus bodes problems for the NDC until 2026 when Pluto’s influence would have abated. However, the feminine aspects of the constellation are the likely plus to the fortunes of the NDC with the choice of a woman on the presidential ticket. Let’s not forget also that there are more women on the presidential tickets than have ever been.

In 2016 I predicted that the Universal Energy favoured an Akuffo Addo presidency. That Energy has not dissipated, thus giving him an edge over the other contestants in December. But the Law of Opposites could work against him if he does not open up to the realization that negative forces he has attracted to himself could be at play to force him to look too much inward. In the last elections I also predicted a Tsunami in Parliament. This time if the women candidates give themselves the necessary push and work very hard, there might just be more women in the House than previously. This election will likely see a tremor in Parliament; a wave none has the power over.

As soon as the Electoral Commission (EC) completed balloting for placement on the voter list for the presidential slot, social and main media were in frenzy with all manner interpretation and forecast of who becomes president. For the uninitiated party activist, reading uniformed meaning into the placing creates fun for their campaign machinery. But does Numerology play a part in who wins a contest? The answer is yes, it does; but the placement at a glance alone does not determine anything unless the calculations involve the name and date of birth of the contestants, juxtaposed on the placement on the ballot. Chaldean Numerology has been proved to be the most accurate in these calculations.

People change their names quite often; and this can befuddle the mind sometimes, especially getting the numbers for permutation. Some change their names for numerological reasons or very many other reasons, which must be factored in any calculations; not what we think it should be. So the current name it must be. However, if a contestant changes his/her date of birth, that’s a rather difficult one. For astrological purposes, it is important to know that the exact time and date of birth has an indelible print on the individual, so changing it does not change anything actually. No one can do anything about their ripe destiny.

Some people are quick to condemn these as mere superstition. Well, they cannot be faulted so long as they have not studied some of these Esoteric Sciences. We all come under the influence of these planetary bodies, unless we have overcome the four elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Someone will say, “If you know you know.” But I also want to believe that superstition is in the DNA of humankind.

Esoteric Science is not easy to assimilate. But let me point out that Esoteric Science is predicated on the natural Law of Probability. And a lot of study is involved here.

I am asked the vexed question of what happens when or if a party rigs an election. My simple answer has always been that there is no forgiveness in Nature. The Laws of nature are not left to the whims and caprices of mortals. Rigging the sovereign will of the people is akin to a violation of Natural Law and the consequences can be dire for future generations of the perpetrators. Alternatively, it could plunge the whole society into such upheaval that lives might be at risk. The Natural law of cause and effect is never negotiable.

Paradoxically, every religion knows this, either as the Law of Karma or the Law of Retribution. So, we go back to the question as to whether God is confused. The answer is No.

By Dr. Akofa K. Segbefia

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