How does a nation avoid consequences of fate: 2nd coming of what happened to old Ghana Empire …a nation against itself and threats of galamsey

How does a nation avoid consequences of fate: 2nd coming of what happened to old Ghana Empire …a nation against itself and threats of galamsey

…..the HUMAN RACE NEVER LEARNS FROM PAST MISTAKES….we keep living cyclical lives of repeating the mistakes of Adam and Eve….from generations to generations…from dispensations to dispensations…from millennium to millennium…from civilsations to civilisations…and it isn’t funny that we aren’t learning any lessons from ARCHEOLOGY ….

….we should never deceive ourselves that we are the first humanity who have travelled to space….or attempting to explore length and breadth of the universe in trying to conquer it….have you forgotten that Prophet EZEKIEL once did space travel when he was shown the whole earth in a ‘spacecraft’…and remember, many of us like Jacob in the Bible on the beginning of his sojourns saw different heavens in a dream…don’t attempt to define that as WITCHCRAFT or metaphysical travels….the world is more weird than we see and know it…

….ever wonder how others could prophesy about the TWIN TOWERS of the USA and its fall or destruction or the dispensation of the might of the United States of America (USA)…and what about the exploits of the Babylonia Nation…these are abstracts to many….

….but more importantly, what about the MEANINGS, UNDERSTANDING AND IMPACT OF NAMES and what they proffer for those named after others…do they impact or influence their lives or lifestyles…?

….what does the FUTURE HOLD FOR OUR GREAT NATION, GHANA…from the exploits, failures and conquest of the former Ghana Empire….any real lessons to learn to avoid the mistakes of their era or dispensation….that’s why the way we are handling the issues of GALAMSEY is sad and worrying….those of us crying is not because we aren’t doing the GALAMSEY some but afraid of what lies ahead of us as a nation and as a people…

…can you, by any stretch of imagination, see what we will face if we find GOLD around the upper ends of the Volta River …..its would be impact on the Akosombo Dam…?

I am not a proper student of history but I know effects of GALAMSEY and the role it played in the destruction of old Ghana Empire before its conquest…that the GOLD DEPOSITS which marked its greatness, was also the reason for it downfall, curse as well as HERALDED ITS EXTINCTION….dreadful end to the rise of such great Empire, whose King and his Palace used GOLD for everything….everything….I really mean EVERYTHING WAS GOLD…not silver nor bronze nor any other metal for the production of anything, anything…not even spoons or knives or tea cups…

….and then the DIRE CONSEQUENCES started with their version of their own GALAMSEY…their water bodies turned milky yellow….started drying up to dried up totally…so they started importing water…for everything…their population developed various sicknesses (which they defined as curses from the water gods)…after abusing all practices of SUSTAINABLE MINING PRACTICES…especially as the kingpins were all friends and relatives of the King of the Ghana Empire and above the law….not liable for anything or responsible for the desecration of the environment….so as they started travelling distances to get COMMON WATER…they started migrating from the Empire towards water wells and cities…as cost of water became unbearable…within their cities and villages….this weakened the Kingdom and made it far easier for its ultimate conquest….

….is this where we want to go….the consequences of choosing the name ‘GHANA’ on the eve of Independence….didn’t the historians at that time of all the arguments of who should be credited with evolving or selecting the name: GHANA was going on….sad reflection….this period of GALAMSEY calls for sober heads…no romanticism….what lies ahead of us is more serious than we are joking with…our whole FUTURE AS A PEOPLE AND AS A NATION IS AT RISK….how we handle this without partisanship will show our character and resolve…and who we are as ordinary GHANAIANS….especially where now aliens are now the kingpins….

….this is the time for anybody and everybody to count and rise as a GHANAIAN ….remembering that those who can afford the excavators, for their wealth, will be the first to fly out and leave rest of us….giving birth with all sorts of deformities from the chemicals and poisons we have inundated our water bodies & environment, creating new cancers for our people…the warning signs are now on the wall…and our LEADERS should act now before the inevitable happens….

….what is of utmost importance within the next quarter is to send a team of SCIENTISTS, ENVIRONMENTALISTS, ECOLOGISTS, CHEMISTS, etc to all the areas of active and non-active GALAMSEY to investigate and determine the impact….not of socio-economic study or impact…but SCIENTIFIC to determine the real consequences, including new diseases or deformities from childbirth for the immediate inhabitants, district, region and our nation…because the chemicals they use there are of real danger for all of us….not only for drinking waters but for the environment…what will happen to us, new Ghana will be more and worse than what happened to the old Ghana Empire….the results of this exercise should be published and recommendations implemented before we celebrate our CENTENARY (1957 – 2057) so that we start from a new slate thereafter….

By Magnus Naabe Rex Danquah

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