I almost took my life due to fake news – Fella Makafui

I almost took my life due to fake news – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui

 Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui has confessed that she nearly committed suicide in 2019 due to fake news about her in the media.

Speaking in a recent in­terview with Multimedia’s Andy Dosty, the actress said false news made her depressed to the point where she became suicidal.

According to Makafui, she is currently at the stage oaf her life where she does not care about the opinions of others, following the devastating ordeal.

She explained that majority of the things said about her in the media were not true, hence she would not allow such un­justifiable comments to get to her.

The actress also took the opportunity to debunk rumours that she was in an amorous relationship with rapper D-black.

The speculations sur­faced after Fella’s partner Medikal announced their separation after being in marriage for four years.

A video of D-Black and Fella smoking in a club recently went viral on social media with many attribut­ing the breakup to Fella’s involvement with D-black.

However, Fella claimed that D-black was just like a brother to her and she had never been in a romantic rela­tionship with the rapper.

She urged the public to desist from unneces­sary speculations and respect the rapper’s family

 By Michael D. Abayateye

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