I’m not surprised at Mr.Eazi’s success-Father

I’m not surprised at Mr.Eazi’s success-Father

Captain (rtd) Alexander Olukayode Ajibade, formerly of the Nigerian Airforce, and father of musician, Mr.Eazi has revealed that his son’s success in music has not come as a surprise to him.

According to him, his son, known in real life as Oluwatosin Ajibade, had always shown his exceptional skills in overcoming every situation he encountered.

He made this statement when speaking to The Spectator last Sunday at Mr.Eazi’s 30th birthday celebration at Kozo at Airport West in Accra.

Captain Ajibade, who had flown from the United States of America to surprise his son said “Mr.Eazi had always proven to be master of everything he does.”

“You know what it takes to be a don, he puts in a lot of work ,energy and determination to the hilltop,”he said.

He stated that at age 6, Mr.Eazi showed signs of singing, and at a point when he was in school in Ghana, he blended it with entrepreneurship to be where he is today.

He tapped the musician on the shoulder and urged him not to relent, but carry along all the people who had contributed to his success story.

The emPawa African artiste on his part, showered praises on his father for the remarkable contribution he had made to his life, adding that he had been a pillar.
The party was heavily attended by big wigs in the creative arts space, including colleague musicians, top models, diplomats, media moguls and businessmen among others.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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