Include veteran musicians in your line up – Akatakyie

Include veteran musicians in your line up – Akatakyie

There are times veteran musicians who are not reigning with hit songs take turns on event stages to mesmerise the crowd.

Their ability to control the gathering and get them on their feet throughout their performance makes patrons yearn for more of their inclusion on various platforms.

For this reason, the legendary music duo, Akatakyie have advised event organisers to include veteran musicians in their line up for events.

Speaking to The Spectator, they said, these musicians whose works had stood the test of time could whip up the excitement of the patrons due to the numerous songs in their repertoire.

“When you put us on your shows, we will not disappoint, we have the songs and experience to mesmerise the crowd,” they added.

The group made up of two brothers, Prince Kwabena Budu Asumaning (Kobby Culture) and Ebenezer Kwasi Okyere Asumaning (King Pharaoh), said engaging them and others in that bracket would increase their financial status to be able to produce more songs.

“If artistes like us are put on your shows, we will make money to record more songs, and keep our relevance,” they said.

According to them, lack of live shows and performances were some of the reasons some veterans did not release songs.

They made the case that the legends still had what it took to rock the stage and must be factored in event planning.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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