Israel Ofori releases latest single ‘Aseda’

Israel Ofori releases latest single ‘Aseda’

Israel Ofori

Israel Ofori, a budding gospel artist and worshipper has released his new single ‘Aseda’ on October 1.

The song, Aseda, which means ‘thanks’ featured legendary gospel mu­sician Yaw Sarpong and the Asomafo.

According to Israel Ofori, the song expresses his appreciation to God for deliverance when he came close to death.

In the song, he talks of God’s saving power; the reason for him being alive till today.

‘Aseda’comes few months after he released ‘Enewo’ which is currently third on the Sunny TCA top 10 gospel music chart.

Speaking to The Spectatorafter the release of his new single, Israel, who is also the Music Director at Liberty Centre encouraged the youth not to give up, saying ‘there is time and season for everyone.’

“Right now it is raining and the leaves are green, very soon the sun will shine and these same leaves will become brown and shed off. It does not mean it will not be green again, it will, so do not give up, its seasons and time, the next season will be a good one,” he added.

He said, the messages in both songs (EneWo and Aseda) was that of gratitude and encouragement, explaining that “as human beings, we most often complain and were a little too hard on ourselves.”

He said, it was important to take time and appreciate God for his goodness. Aseda is currently on all digital plat­forms.

 By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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