Making your house a home; simple makeovers that work

Making your house a home; simple makeovers that work

A house is a physical structure in which someone lives. A home on the other hand is not just  a place of residence but a combination of lifestyles that make the house more attractive, peaceful and happier especially during this era of COVID-19.

Per this definition, a home could be a tent, a boat, or even a cave. It is a place which belongs to you, and where one feels most comfortable.

Women, therefore, have the greatest responsibility of turning their houses into homes.

Making the house a home is not a one-time event. Though it includes an aspect of sweeping and brushing off dust on windows and doors, women must put in extra effort to create a more conducive environment, which will become the first point of call for their partners, children and guests.

There is no denying the fact that females who improve on the living conditions in their houses, are more content in all aspects, compared with those who pay less attention to their places of residence.

However, transforming a house into a home is based on personal preference and considerations. The Spectator Gender  highlights some simple but effective makeovers women could incorporate to ‘breathe new life’ into their homes.

Top on the list is General hygiene.  Since you are working at making your home comfortable, it is important to start by keeping it clean always. The windows, furniture, floors, bed sheets, bathroom among others should be cleaned regularly.

The Living room, as the name suggests, should be a lively place. It is time to rearrange things in the living room. If your furniture has always been in the same position, now is the time for a change, and bear in mind that change should be occasional. You do not necessarily have to own the sleekest and most expensive furniture or gadgets, make use of the little that you have.

Simply rearranging furniture in the living room would do some magic. Change your curtains frequently to bring some elegance to your home. Try this and you would be amazed at how your living room looks. Changing the positions of a couch, table or television set could make your living room look newer and stylish.

Additionally, one could hang beautiful art works with inspirational words on flat surfaces in the house to ‘spice up’ the existing aesthetics.

The Bedroom is a place where you return to revive yourself after all the stress during the day. But some women often pay less attention to this part of the house. Dresses and shoes are sometimes arranged haphazardly. The bedroom could be one of the messy areas, if it is not put in right shape.

Therefore, arranging the dresses neatly in the wardrobe, getting a basket for keeping the dirty laundry, and a shoe rack for arranging, could be a quick way of bringing some ‘sanity to the bedroom’. Books and documents should be kept on shelves and book cases instead of keeping them under the bed. After all a cozy and neat bedroom could be an ‘appetiser’ for your husband.

The Kitchen; it is important to make the kitchen unattractive to rodents and cockroaches. Avoid things that would ‘breed’ such dangerous ‘guests’ from ‘invading’ your home.

The kitchen; happens to be the power house in the home. Another magic to add to the kitchen is to try on new recipes. Cooking the same foods every time for your family could be boring.

Mind that you are seeking a home that is a first place of call to your family, a place where your husband and children would always miss even when they are away. Therefore, adopting new recipes could be the trick.

If you cannot bake, take few lessons on the internet or let friends who are skilled in that area help you out. Preparing nutritious smoothies and drinks are also ways of making the home attractive to your children.

Take advantage of the internet and broaden your horizon in the kitchen. Your power house should be up to date!

Extra activities; Depending on your house or space, a backyard garden of every day common vegetables, fruits or flowers  is a wonderful way to also make your house a home.

You do not need a bigger space, for there are different vases that you can use in place of a back yard to plant some vegetables. Involve your children in this act, it would be interesting.

Playing games; outside school, work and peers, your family should find your home fun enough to return to. This has become the primary place of convergance since children are not in school due to the COVID-19, thus engaging in several indoor games will enlighten your home, woman.Pick puzzles, scabbles, ludu, oware, skipping at home among others.

Whilst you cannot have the perfect home, trying these at home would among other things create a true warmth in your home whilst it serves as a learning ground for your children to cultivate in their future homes.

By Portia Hutton-Mills

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