My New Year 2023 wishes…

Happy New Year to you all!

We have entered a New Year and I present here a number of wishes I have for our country, Ghana, and for all Ghanaians both home and abroad.

This year (2023), I wish that every­thing will go well for everyone.

I wish that 2023 and the years beyond will see more progress for the country and all friends of Ghana as well as the Ghanaian diaspora, including Ghanaian immigrants in Finland.

Ghanaian immigrants in Finland

For some time now, I have been writing about the Ghanaian immi­grant community in Finland. I hope to continue this trend this year to bring you more news and the posi­tive things they are accomplishing or trying to accomplish in Finland. I will again be writing about how the Finn­ish society encourages integration for migrants residing in it.

There are a lot of engagements among the Ghanaian immigrants in Finland and within the Ghana Union Finland, the representative associa­tion.

As I keep pointing out, Finland en­courages migrants’ participation in the planning of issues concerning the migrants themselves as one of the efficient ways to improve their inclusion.

There are many positive things that are happen­ing among the Ghanaian immi­grant community in Finland. I hope to write more about such things to highlight the great efforts being made.

The positives

Many Ghanaian/ African migrants make efforts to integrate into the society through paid work, entre­preneurship and other economic exploits in the areas of social and political participa­tion. These are some of the positive things worth writing about.

There are many personalities and institutions that have contributed to or ensured the smooth running of things for Ghanaian immigrants in Finland. I hope to bring to readers the exploits of such people and situ­ations.

Many of them have used their knowl­edge and abilities to help improve the lives of members of the Ghanaian immigrant community in Finland.

The Gender aspects

There are also the gender aspect of engagements among the Ghanaian im­migrants in Finland worth highlighting.

Women’s issues anywhere should generate public interest everywhere. In any parts of the world women’s issues should produce interest and action in order to promote gender parity, integration, and develop­ment.

As I previously pointed out, in Fin­land one area that is gaining atten­tion about the efforts for migrants’ integration into the Finnish society relates to gender, social and civic participation.

Efforts for migrants to integrate into the Finnish society also target people considering gender, age, employment/work status, ethnicity, etc.

Also, having opportunities to education as well as the freedom to worship are two issues that are very much pronounced for both males and females, without any hindrances along gender lines.

A wish for prosperity

I hope to bring to you all the ef­forts being made to chalk successes. I pray for divine mercies and over­flowing blessings for good health, prosperity and long life.

Let 2023 see Ghanaians and Ghanaian immigrants in Finland and elsewhere filled with the spirit of integrity, selflessness for Mother Ghana and the host country. May we all see our positive hearts’ desires accomplished!

Afenhyia pa oo!!! Happy New Year to you all!!!


By Perpetual Crentsil

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