Nii Okpe family legitimate owners of Amomole lands – Head of family

 The Nii Okpe family of Amomole under the Ngleshie Alata Para­mountcy of Jamestown British Accra, has called on land owners within the area to consult the family for proper documentation following a recent court ruling.

Addressing the press in Accra on Saturday, Head of family, NiiAshi­etteyTetteh explained that, lands within the area hitherto, were occupied by Ablekuma people but after an appeal, the Supreme Court has declared the NiiOkpe Family as the rightful owners.

“We are calling on the gener­al public especially land owners inAmomole that the NiiOkpefamily, has a customary land secretariat, under the Land Administration Proj­ect (LAP) that all those who have acquired land at Amomole and did not acquire it through the NiiOkpe Family should come over to them to secure a legitimate document,” he stated.

In 2017, he explained, a judge­ment was held in favour of Ableku­ma, but following an appeal, the Supreme Court on March 18, 2024 overturned and ruled that the NiiO­kpefamily was the rightful owners, hence the need for property owners to visit the family for proper docu­mentation.

“The lands no longer belong to Ablekuma and we ask the public to desist from dealing with anyone ex­cept the NiiOkpefamily,” he stated.

The NiiOkpefamily also urged members of the community to obey the laws that govern the communi­ty for peaceful existence.

He also cautioned the public to desist from engaging with one NiiTettehCommey parading asChief of the area.

He said, according to the Chief­taincy Act, the installation of a Chief has to go through processes which never happened hence there is currently no chief at Amomole as declared by the Judicial Commit­tee of Ngleshie Alata.

He encouraged the community to report issues of harassment by land guards for proper actions to be taken by the NiiOkpefamily.

“Anylandguard who has been spotted on our lands and reported to me, would be dealt with accord­ing to the law,” he added.

 By Michael D. Abayateye & Elizabeth Agyeibea Ackon

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