Stay away from ‘side chicks’ …Catholic Priest tells cheating husbands

Stay away from ‘side chicks’ …Catholic Priest tells cheating husbands

● Rev Fr. Egidius Melchides Binsasi

 The need for husbands to cling to their wives for the two to become one flesh, fulfils God’s demand, deepens the love between the couple, brings unity and marital harmony.

Essential, though, for the progress of married couples, some men on the contrary, rather find solace in the bo­som of other women, there­by, causing untold problems in their marriages.

Desirous of keeping men on track, the Assistant Parish Priest of the St. Augustine Catholic Church, Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region, Rev Fr. Egidius Melchides Binsasi (SVD) has cautioned married men to stay away from extra marital affairs.

He said it was important for husbands to discipline themselves and be commit­ted to their wives instead of going after other women and finally ruining their lives and marriages.

In a homily on the Second Sunday of Lent, Rev Fr Binsa­si said the cases of married men leaving their wives for younger women had become a matter of concern.

He recalled a case where a husband said his girlfriend had severally celebrated him on social media and displayed him as her profile picture while his wife did not, an indication that the new woman loved him more than his wife.

“Remember that the mos­quito is displayed on mosqui­to spray but the spray and the mosquito are not friends but enemies “ he stated.

The Assistant Parish Priest said the disturbing aspect was after the husbands had given all their attention,­time, money and energy to the young women and had grown old, weak and aban­doned by the young women, then they would remember their old wives and would like to come back.

He said it was unfortu­nate that some men who had refused to take care of their children were also neglected when they were ill and faced serious challenges.

Rev Fr. Binsasi said such men returned to the Priests and asked them to plead on their behalf to be accepted back by their wives and chil­dren, though they could have saved themselves from such embarrassing circumstances if they had remained com­mitted to their wives.

He said husbands must endeavour to be faithful to their wives and appreciate them even when they grew old and be committed to their families to ensure a happy home.

The Assistant Parish Priest advised wives to work harder to make the home a peaceful place for their husbands and children.

“You must also pray for your husbands and your fami­ly,” he stressed.

He asked wives to desist from talking too much and making the home uncom­fortable for their husbands, thereby, pushing them out ostensibly to look for peace of mind elsewhere.

From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Ashaiman.

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