‘The Direction’ conference inspires participants

‘The Direction’ conference inspires participants

Author and philanthropist, Kaiser Obodai Torgbor, has initiated an online conference for people to share their experiences while they strive to attain greater heights in future.

The monthly conference titled ‘The Direction’ brings together renowned speakers from across the globe to inspire and provide guidance for participants on a wide range of subjects.

According to Mr. Torgbor, the conference seeks to “discuss relevant topics that resonate with individuals from diverse backgrounds to help steer them towards the right path.”

“The conference is all about gaining knowledge and sharing ideas,” he said.

The event, which began in May 2021, featured speakers such as William Broussard (USA), Michael Adomako (USA), and Joel Duncan Williams.

The August edition, streamed via Zoom and other social media platforms, was graced by a special guest, Vincent Kpodo, a preacher, entrepreneur, author and US military veteran.

Other speakers at previous editions included, Author Ralph Antwi, Wendy Asare and Jamila Vizcaino and lot more have been scheduled for upcoming editions.

Mr. Torgbor the author of ‘Peg and Tents’ has impacted many readers in Ghana, South Africa, and the United States through his writings.

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