When a fool takes ‘the microphone’

Readers, as for today, I am going to the outskirt of “the town”.  One may ask: Why not the outskirt of “the village” or to “the town-centre “itself?

In “the village”, it is not common to locate many fools holding “the microphone” to be insulting the chief.

And at the outskirt of “the village”, it will be very rare to locate a fool sticking his neck out and insulting the chief, with the aid of “the microphone”.

At “the town-centre “, one needs adequate preparations to get there. Why? The “topography” and the general “geography” of “the town-centre” must be properly studied.

The government houses; the private homes; the commercial houses;  the street names; the slums; the big names; the small names and the den for tramadol, ‘wee’ and cocaine peddlers and abusers, should be at your finger-tips before we venture into “the town-centre”.

However, because of the ubiquitous and pervarding social media platforms, a lot of youthful braggarts are heard and seen insulting and cursing, wielding “the microphone.”

So, without getting into “the town-centre” itself; one could hear damning insults “raining” from the mouths of some “boys” and “girls”, being poured on the heads of people, who could easily pass as their mothers and fathers. Indeed, some could even pass as their grandparents.

Such “torrential rain of insults and curses” were recently recorded on the online channel of Radio Gold and on YouTube Trending News TV 1.

A so-called radio presenter by name, Sammy Huntor, who runs the two news channels, is said to be a former staff of the defunct Montie FM. Readers, that defunct FM station gained notoriety across the nation a few years ago.

Sammy Huntor is audibly heard on TV 1 saying that, “any private plane that carries President Akufo-Addo abroad must crash and claim his life instantly.”

According to him, “God should make Akufo-Addo’s death through plane crash, more tragic to the extent that even his body will be burnt beyond recognition.”

He prays that “the body of our President should not be found for the country to spend any money to buy a coffin for his burial.”

Ghana and political insanity? What sort of nonsense is this?

Sammy Huntor says that he supports the North Tongu Member of Parliament, Mr. Samuel Okudzato Ablakwa’s claim that; “our President has abandoned Ghana’s presidential aircraft to rent a private plane at £15,000 an hour, thus, making our country spend millions of Cedis on his foreign travels.”

But if that was the case, is it the way to go? Curses and insults?

Is there no appropriate and decorous means to communicate our displeasure, dismay, discontentment and anger against officialdom?

In our traditional homes, are we brought up, insulting our parents and elders whenever we disagree with them or they incur our wrath?

And in our “school system”,  are we taught to be insulting and cursing our prefects, seniors, teachers, lecturers and Vice Chancellors, whenever we are dissatisfied with their acts and omissions?

So, is it stupidity, insanity or foolishness that drives certain people to be raining insults and curses on the government or the Opposition? Can’t such people discuss national issues without insults and curses?

Trained brains and minds must wield “the microphone” to pour out what the people “detest” about the government or the Opposition.

In all honesty, for instance, can such braggarts migrate to China, Rwanda, Cote d’lvoire or even Togo to behave the way they do here; using “the microphone”? “Who born dog?”

Unfortunately, social media is “breeding” so many fools to take “the microphone” in Ghana, via the Internet.

And the earlier National Security and the Ministry of Communications and Digitisation initiate planned and concerted actions to address the menace, the better for our dear country.

By G. Frank Asmah

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