Yvonne Nelson hints second ‘DumsorMustStop’ vigil

Yvonne Nelson hints second ‘DumsorMustStop’ vigil

Yvonne Nelson

 Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has hinted yet another ‘DumsorMustStop’ to raise concerns about the recent erratic power supply in Ghana.

The actress took to twitter to express her intentions to lead another campaign as it happened in 2015 when the country faced similar power crisis.

She expressed disappointment at government for the crisis which she stat­ed had affected many liveli­hoods.

In her tweet on April 22, 2024, Nelson called on Imani Ghana, a civil society group, to join forces for a fresh demonstration to highlight the sig­nificant contribution of IMANI to the success of the previous campaign.

Nelson criticised the government and accused them of taking Ghanaians for granted.

Her tweet read: “Imani Ghana, can we organise another vigil? I’ve been waiting for you to reach out like you did years back. Your team made our demo a success, I’m reaching out myself. The NPP and its leadership @ NAkufoAddo have taken Gha­naians for granted. #DUM­SORMUSTSTOP.”

The hashtag #DUMSOR­MUSTSTOP, which gained prominence during the online protests against erratic power supply, has since resurfaced.

Though the ‘dum­sor’ crisis has been felt across the country with many calling for a timetable to plan their activities, the govern­ment has remained adamant.

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