A token spot fine, results in “magical” Compliance with COVID-19 protocols

A token spot fine of buying a packet of marker as punishment, has resulted in total compliance with COVID-19 protocols at the Koforidua Taxi Station.

Recalcitrant drivers and passengers who refuse to wear their nose masks at the Koforidua Taxi Branch Number One station are made  to buy  a packet of marker for use by the whole station .  this serves as punishment to those who breach the safety protocols.

It has been working “magic” for the members of the taxi union.

A Driver who also refuses to ensure that a passenger in the taxi wears his or her nose masks, would buy additional packets of the marker.

The order instituted by the Chairman of the Station, Mr George Nana Kwodwo Boateng also known as cooli cooli, was to ensure that both drivers and passengers at the station wore the nose masks to avoid the contraction of COVID-19 .

In an exclusive interview with “The Spectator,” Mr Boateng stated that, there was the need to enforce such orders since some drivers had become recalcitrant in observing the COVID-19 protocols put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

He noted that the virus was real but, there was still the need to observe all protocols including wearing of the nose masks to prevent the spread.

“Wearing of the nose mask is compulsory in this country and for that reason the disciplinary team wants to ensure that all drivers and passengers comply with the directive.

“If you are a driver and you refuse to wear it,you should get ready to buy a packet of marker. Even if you the driver wear but you fail to ensure your passengers wear theirs, you will have to again buy packet  of marker for each passenger who does not wear it.”

He revealed that the order coupled with sanctions had made a lot of the drivers to be very careful and vigilant in ensuring that they and their passengers wore the masks to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Most recalcitrant drivers at this taxi station are changing because of the this order,” he said, adding that drivers who failed to comply would have to leave the station to go and work somewhere else.

The Chairman of the Taxi Rank observed that there were some ladies who also came to the station in their lipstick and refused to wear the nose masks for fear it would clean their lipstick and make up.

“If we do not force them to obey the protocols and someone tests positive here, people will start stigmatising us and would not even want to patronise our services. By that we may lose our job,” he said.

From Ama Tekyiwaa Ampadu Agyeman, Koforidua

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