Be wise! Your life is on your nose

Be wise!  Your life is on your nose

Dear Editor,

I wish to draw attention on something that fellow citizens must be aware of. It appears most of us are not taking the safety protocols serious and are constantly dropping our guard daily and a high sense of empathy is setting in for most Ghanaians.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is on the rise and taking high profile lives and casualties. This includes friends and close relations. The only reason why this is happening is that most of us are trusting our instincts more than Common Sense and Science.

If we should all insist not to talk to anyone not wearing a face mask apart from people in our houses, we will not only help curb the spread but save lives as well.

Coronavirus is not like Chicken Pox that can be seen with one’s eyes. Don’t trust anyone you are not living with even if it’s your mother, brother, office colleague, you don’t know who they have been exposed to. It’s getting serious and the only way to protect yourself and your family is to enforce strict safety protocols. Never send children to buy credit or anything for you. 

Vendors and food sellers are more exposed than anyone else because 100s of people interact with them and they handle money that has passed through several hands.

You life and that of your close family depends on what you put or do not put on your nose and mouth. You DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK TO OR ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE SPOKEN TO BY ANYONE NOT WEARING A MASK!

People erroneously drop their mask to the chin, a practice which is extremely serious and dangerous. When you do that you risk picking the virus from your chin and breathing it in. Before you drop your mask to your chin apply sanitizer to your hands and rub your chin. 

Sir John was a very intelligent lawyer and head of the Forestry Commission. You are not better than him! He and his family dropped their guard and 4 members are already dead. 

If you keep dropping your guard there’s a probability that you will not last the rest of the month.

Be Wise! “Your Life is on Your Nose

Don’t trust your eyes and emotions, some have paid dearly for that error of judgement and you can be next!

A concerned Ghanaian citizen

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