Blend spiritual devotion with physical health

Blend spiritual devotion with physical health

Elder Daniel Boateng

 An Elder of the Church of Pente­cost, Malejor As­sembly, Daniel Boateng has urged Christians to blend spiritual devo­tion with their physical health.

Elder Boateng said it was important for Christians to consider their health habits.

In his sermon last Sunday, Elder Boateng told the congregation to make health check­ups a regular practice and underscored the power of prevention, emphasising that it was important to address potential health issues before they take root.

Elder Boateng ad­vocated a lively daily routine—specifically, a commitment to con­suming a minimum of eight sachets of water.

For those finding this challenging, he offered a more achiev­able goal of six sachets.

Taking a detour into lifestyle choices, Elder Boateng expressed concerns about the consumption of various drinks available on the market.

He advised the congregation to be mindful of their in­take, pointing out that certain beverages could negatively impact the immune system, poten­tially leading to health issues in the future.

 By George Obeng Osei

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