Dire water shortage in Koforidua

 Dear Editor,

Water scarcity in Koforidua, particularly affecting Atekyem-Poly and its adjacent ar­eas, has become prevalent and concerning topic among residents.

The past few days have become difficult for those in the affected areas, leaving many in a tight spot. The cause of this water shortage remains elusive, leaving us residents grappling in the dark with uncertainty.

For approximately two weeks now, the luxury of water flowing through the taps has been absent.

This predicament compels us to embark on jour­neys to other locations in search for this essential resource, turning what was once a routine into a strenuous task.

In the spirit of community and shared responsi­bility, I earnestly implore the Ghana Water Com­pany Limited (GWCL) to promptly address this pressing issue.

If the shortage stems from unforeseen circum­stances or an oversight on their part, a swift ac­knowledgment and remedial action would go a long way in alleviating the hardships faced by residents.

As the saying goes, ‘water is life,’ and its ab­sence disrupts the daily rhythm of our lives.

I trust that the relevant authorities will consider the urgency of the matter and swiftly implement measures to restore regular water supply to our community.

Benjamin Nyarko Asare


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