Fix faulty traffic lights

Dear Editor,

 Every aspect of our lives is guided by principles, and the road is no excep­tion. Road signs and traffic lights guide users on what to do and how to use the road.

On our road, traffic lights are important factors. The red, amber, and green lights aid in traveling safely on the road, reducing collisions and the potential loss of lives.

Traffic lights are usually seen at vantage routes, intersections and pedestrian cross­ings. Cruising along numerous roads in Gha­na, you may see that some traffic lights are either completely off or blinking in amber.

Most of the time, the police stand close to the traffic lights and regulate traffic. The police do a decent job of controlling traffic, but occasionally they only do so where the traffic lights are functioning, leaving pas­sengers and pedestrians to use the road as they please when the lights are out.

The issue of faulty traffic lights has been an issue that is yet to be solved in the country as it looks like it has been unno­ticed for a long time.

Traffic lights should be checked and fixed in order to regulate traffic and help save lives.

Josephine Ntreh Nyorkor.

Student, Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

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