Fix traffic lights at Trust Towers

Fix traffic lights at Trust Towers

One of the dysfunctional traffic light

 Dear Editor,

I wish to draw the at­tention of the authorities about the malfunctioning traffic lights in front of the Trust Towers and Accra Hearts of Oak Secretariat at Adabraka.

The traffic light which regulates vehicular flow to and from areas such as Asylum Down, Farrar Av­enue area, Circle and the Holy Spirit Cathedral areas has been malfunctioned for over six months now.

In the morning and sometimes late in the eve­ning, it no doubt contrib­ute to the heavy traffic in the area, causing a lot of inconvenience to motorists and other passengers along the stretch.

What is baffling is the period of time this situa­tion has been on and the authorities have shown no concern about it.

This is one problem that must be tackled as a nation. Whenever a small problem emerges, the in­stitutions tasked with the responsibility of fixing it shows no or little concern.

It appears they wait for the problem to escalate before they rush in town, seeking for solutions that usually come at a bigger cost.

For me, that is a nega­tive attitude we must nip in the bud if we are to make progress as a nation.

If at this age, a traffic light would become faulty and it would take author­ities responsible over a year or more to fix, then Ghana has a long way to go in terms of develop­ment. People must be held responsible for minor situations like this to serve as a deterrent to others.

Mike Ohey,


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