Guidelines to postponing Christmas 2022

Guidelines to postponing Christmas 2022

I am aware that a few years ago, Cuba “postponed” Christmas so that farmers could harvest produce and it appears Sikaman should be consid­ering doing something similar in 2022. We are only a few days away from the most magical holiday In the world but Christmas carols are non-existent and only a few measly décor for the season can be spotted.

The world is having a hard time re-setting itself after the havoc of COVID-19 and we also continue to grapple with the Russia-Ukraine war. The demand for many things has out­stripped supply and our finances are in a wreck. In Ghana it appears we are getting all the negatives in doses that cause severe heartache, head­ache and even death. This is definite­ly not what the doctor prescribed. Salaries have been delayed and jobs are hard to find and to worsen the situation, suggestions of toying with people’s hard earned investment as we continue to live with a bloated Government makes it difficult to keep smiling and enjoying the season. The conditions for postponing Christmas are all in the mix BUT since the day will surely come to pass it is neces­sary to look at ways or guidelines to survive;

1. Spread good cheer

a. It should not always be based on food or drinks. Smile at people, look in the mirror and smile or laugh. Laughter is a contagious way of spreading cheer and happiness and a feel good “feeling”

b. So smile when you meet a friend, colleague or even a stranger. It will make you happy and that per­son is likely to smile too, feel happy and make others feel the same

c. You may not be able to give gifts this year, pick a phone and say thank you to people who have im­pacted your life. That is another way to get your “high” for the season.

2. “Happy Yourself” in the midst of chaos

a. Make a conscious effort to be happy and it starts right in your mind. Get some sunlight, make time for a hobby, spend time with people who make you happy and have a positive mindset. Do meditate and relax. Defi­nitely breathe often.

3. Prepare for “heart-break”

a. Well, if you had major plans of being “spoiled” this Christmas, think again. Yes, some people will still get a great time but the majority won’t get the big tag presents they would have wished for. Being aware will save you unnecessary heartache. Heartbreak Syndrome is real, so be realistic and save healthcare profes­sionals from work overload.

4. What’s on your plate and in your bottle

a. Most people tend to overeat during Christmas. We all do, don’t we? As much as possible stay with the healthy choices and if you get access to the nice unhealthy ones remember moderation is key. This is not likely to be your last meal so if you find your­self at a party or programme with FREE food and drinks, kindly take it easy there is life after Christmas.

b. Alcohol, sugar-laden ‘soft drinks’ and energy drinks may be available more than other months of the year but do be careful.

c. Drinking the most at an end of year party at work (if you get to organise one) is not a ticket to a pro­motion. It may rather cause you more pain and heartache than you can ever imagine. Moderation continues to be key.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

a. Keep your eye on the water. Drink lots of it at every opportunity except where your doctor has advised otherwise. This water will keep your health goals on track, enhance diges­tion thus preventing food from just “sitting” in your stomach and also gives you the feeling of being full so you tend to eat less.

6. Get Moving

a. Yes, you may be busy. Yes you may have packed your days with so many programmes so that you do not have time to think about the wahala surrounding us. No matter the situa­tion you find yourself in, I can assure you that you can squeeze 10 minutes into your breath-taking tight schedule to exercise. Just Do it!!

7. Have fun

a. Whether you have fun or not life will pass by and 2023 will soon be here. I will choose having fun then and so should you.

b. When you have fun you feel good and happy, you lose a sense of time, connect with family and people who make you happy. Be playful and lighthearted sometimes; no need to take everything like the “world cup”. That football extravaganza will be over before the Christmas bells begin to sound and jingle bells fill the air.

8. Safety first, do not carry too much

a. Well, it’s just a week after screening for HIV and vaccinating people against COVID-19 and my an­tenna for risk is high.

b. People get careless during this season especially when you are counting your pesewas and have too much time on your hands. Protect yourself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

c. The crowds will be thicker than usual as visitors flood into the country, COVID may rear its head; do take the precautions and get vacci­nated or get a booster.

d. Get adequate sleep to reduce your risk for accidents.

9. Watch your posture

a. Do not lift more than you can take; injuries are common at this time of the year. Get help where needed. Do not slouch in a sofa all day watching movies or recovering from a heartbreak. If you have to wrap presents, be kind to yourself sit at a table comfortable or stand but do NOT sit on the floor.

10. Remember it’s Jesus’ birth­day NOT yours

a. Do not lose focus. All the other things do not count as much as giving glory to GOD. So keep the direct line to God (prayer) open at all times, get cozy with the Bible and make time to worship with like-mind­ed people.

What exactly is this romance I seem to have with the number 10? I often come up with 10 points. The most important point is to take these seriously.


Dr. Kojo Cobba Essel

Health Essentials Ltd/ Mobissel


*Dr. Essel is a medical doctor, holds an MBA and is ISSA certified in exercise therapy, fitness nutrition and corrective exercise. He is the author of the award-winning book, ‘Unravelling The Essentials of Health & Wealth.’

Thought for the week –“Christmas will come and go every year, but indulging in excesses may have long-term effects on your health and pocket.”- Dr. Kojo Essel


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