How ready are we for the rains?

Dear Editor,

I want to use this opportunity to remind Ghanaians on the need to keep our drainages clean and free of filth as the rains set in.

Flooding remains a perennial problem in Ghana and this year would be no exception.

Not trying to sound extremely skeptical, one can clearly see that the problems that cause the peren­nial flooding are still there; nothing has been done about them.

Walking around town, one can see the gutters choked with weeds, polythene waste and others that impede the free flow of flood wa­ter.

Inhabitants around such drainag­es are also still dumping refuse in them.

It is also obvious that people are still building on water ways. All of these contribute to compound the flood related problems every year.

As we approach another rainy season, my appeal goes to the city authorities in charge of sanitation. They must hit the various town­ships and inspect sanitation and enforce the by-laws.

Those in charge of disilting the huge drainages must also be seen to be working so that flood waters can flow freely.

As people, we must also show some level of responsibility by keeping our communities clean. If there are gutters in front of our homes, we must try to keep them clean so that the onset of rains would not come with pandemics.

Joy Amesime,


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