Okada passenger stabs rider …bolts away with motorbike

Korku Adzi, an ‘okada’ passenger (pillion rider) who was commuting from Adaklu-Waya to Vedome in the Volta Region on Sunday allegedly stabbed the rider while they were in motion and took over the bike and bolted.

But the suspect was later arrested by the townfolk and handed over to the police.

Assistant Superintendent of Police in-charge of the Ho municipality, ASP Alexander Adade Yeboah said that the incident took place at about 10:00 am that day.

He further said that unknown to the suspect, the rider who sustained deep injuries in his right ribs, staggered to the Waya Police Station and reported the theft of his motorbike.

After news of the incident spread in the area, some local townsmen managed to arrest Adzi the next day and handed him over to the police at Waya.

The Municipal Police Commander said that Adzi, 28, who arrived at Vedome on the unregistered Sanya bike, told his acquaintances that he had just bought the machine.

“Meanwhile, the victim, Wonder Agbenyemufe, 26, was taken to the health facility at Waya where he is responding to treatment,” ASP Yeboah said.

Adzi on Wednesday admitted the offence before investigators at the Ho Central Police Station, in the presence of the ‘Spectator’ and said, “I have never done a thing like this in my life before.”

As of Wednesday, Adzi was in police custody, being processed for court. The bike has been impounded while an investigation into robbery is underway.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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