Revenge (Part 2)

I tried to convince her to spend some time with us and save the rent money, but she insisted and moved. I asked Elaine about the apparent haste with which her cousin was leaving, but she explained that maybe she had always been waiting to land a job, and having found one, she wanted to start making her own way in life, make some friends and even find a suitable future partner. I accepted it, because it made a lot of sense.

A few days later, whilst travelling to Kumasi, I did some deep reflection on my relationship with Elaine. Ours was certainly a success so far. We started as friends deeply in love with each other. We had made a nice home, were financially sound, and had been blessed with a handsome son.

The future belonged to us. But something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it had to be there. The previous night, I had sincerely prayed for the restoration of anything that was missing. But interestingly, that prayer seemed to have triggered my apprehension. After some time of struggling, I resolved to do the unthinkable. I would spy on my wife, and see whether I could come up with anything.

On my return the following day, I got up in the night and picked up her phone. I didn’t find any messages or photographs, but I found quite a few deleted messages. Something was not quite right. Elaine knew that I would never look into her phone, so why did she need to go to that much trouble?

If Elaine was hiding something, then there would be a few clues that would help me unravel the mystery. I may have been overlooking something. But, but, I woke up with a start, maybe Assor left because she saw something!

The following day, I called Assor and asked her that I wanted to find out how she was getting along, and could she join me for lunch. After some moments’ hesitation she agreed. I tried to make small talk, but noticed that she was uncomfortable, so I went straight to the point.

“Assor, I’m sure you know that I have great respect and affection for you. Forgive me for taking you through what is obviously an uncomfortable conversation. But let me assure you that what you say here will stay between you and me.

“We had a beautiful relationship, and I know you were comfortable with us, and sometimes I wondered whether you loved Ebo more than us. Yet you insisted on taking a job that doesn’t pay that much, and moving out. I didn’t understand it, but in the last few weeks I’ve been having anxieties about my relationship with Elaine.

“I’ve seen something which could reveal what may be hidden, but instead of going that route, I wanted to come and plead with you to take me out of torment. I can’t sleep. Please help me. Your sudden departure from our house doesn’t make sense. I’m bound to find out the truth sooner or later. I promise I will never tell on you.” After staying silent for several minutes, she finally spoke.

“Brother Jeff, I know how much you care for me, and I will never forget what you’ve done for me. But please, Brother Jeff, I’m also under torment. What you are asking me to do is too difficult.

“Elaine is my first cousin. I, I just can’t.”‘Okay Assor. I’m sorry. I understand. But actually, without telling me anything, you’ve told me everything. For that I’m very grateful. But let me tell you this in confidence.

“If I confirm that Elaine is cheating on me, I will have no hesitation in leaving the marriage. None whatsoever.”“But Brother Jeff, what about forgiveness?”

“Assor, you’ve been there in the house with us. Have you noticed any shortcoming on my part that should give my wife cause to cheat? You may not know what happens in the bedroom, but I can tell you that I have not given her any cause to go that far.

“If she’s done this, then it clearly shows that her motivation from the very beginning was false. So I will have no hesitation in leaving. I’m sorry this has been difficult for you. Let me buy something for you to take along so that you can enjoy it later”.

‘You know, there is nothing else I wouldn’t do for you. Anything else”.“Thanks for that, Assor. Who knows? I just might take you up on that”.

….to be continued

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