The ‘misfortune’ of using trotro as a means of transport

The ‘misfortune’ of using trotro as a means of transport

“Trotro” is a converted lorry or van used as public transport for commercial purposes. In Ghana, it serves as a means of transport for majority of the populace but the question is; does this means of transport provide comfort for the user? This write-up is aimed at answering this pertinent question. The rate at which ‘trotros’ create discomfort in the country is very alarming. Some of the ‘trotros’ that ply our roads on daily basis are very old and rickety and sometimes spoil in the middle of the journey.

Many of the accidents that occur on our roads can squarely be placed on the doorstep of faulty vehicles that ply our roads especially ‘trotros’. This is something that the appropriate authorities must look at critically before it completely gets out of hand.

Another issue with the ‘trotros’ is the fume that emanates from them to cause air pollution, a situation that poses a serious threat to the health of passers-by as well as people who patronise these vehicles.

Also deserving a special mention is the number of ‘trotos’ that ply our roads on daily basis. The number is so huge that it creates serious traffic situation which becomes unbearable. It is no wonder that users of this means of transport are sometimes unable to get to their destinations on time.

Some ‘trotro’ conductors popularly called ‘mates’ in Ghana also take undue advantage of the increase in petrol prices to charge high fares.

Overloading is also another issue that requires a special mention. Even in times of this COVID-19 pandemic, ‘trotro’ drivers have thrown all the safety cautions to the dogs and load as many passengers as they please, exposing passengers to contract the virus.

Speeding is also another problem that has bedeviled the ‘trusted’ means of transport in the country. It is sometimes a sorry sight to behold when drivers drive at such high speed posing danger to passengers. Passengers who gather courase to challenge this unruly behaviour are tagged and described in unprintable words. It is not surprising that accidents have become the new normal in Ghana. 

It is the candid opinion of this writer that, as a matter of urgency, if this problem is not dealt with, many people will be consumed by road accident.


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