Time to heal, time to sing- Dr.Knii Lante

Time to heal, time to sing- Dr.Knii Lante

Medical Doctor who doubles as a musician, Knii Lante, known in private life as Dr.Nii Lante Okunka Blankson,has advised Ghanaians not to dump a profession or speciality for another.

“If you can be a lawyer and a doctor, keep it up, don’t drop one for the other, this is an advice I want to share with Ghanaians, especially students,”he said.

According to the Physician Specialist, it was prudent to be multi-tasking to tread cautiously between different professions in one’s quest to succeed in life and help his or her community.

Speaking exclusively to The Spectator, he said such lifestyle could help Ghana and Africa close their development gap and be at par with other developed countries.

“If you look at the gap between Africa and other countries, it is huge to the extent that I think we cannot afford to do one job,” he said.

Using his situation as an example, he said there is time for everything, “There is time for everything, time to heal, and a time to sing, I just have to make time for music and human lives.”

“You just have to make that time even though occasionally, you may have some crash of professions when you’re in the studio and a call comes from the hospital or you’re in the hospital and a producer will call and want to talk to you. This sometimes gives you a divided attention, but to me, I think more is fixed than is destroyed,” he said.

This notwithstanding, he believes one should still strife for excellence in the  quest to be multi-tasking.

Touching on the challenges faced as a frontliner and a musician since the outbreak of COVID-19, he said “As for us medical doctors, we are always looking out for new diseases, we understand that such things can happen at anytime, so we always brace ourselves to face the challenges.”

Currently, Knii Lantey is out with a new single dubbed, “Gong Gong” which featured Coded and produced by Genius Selection.

Talking about the song, he said the message was about never be too busy to see your lover’s face again.

He said the single which was available on all digital music platforms might be part of an Extended Play (EP) expected to be released at the end of the year.

Knii Lante was honoured in 2019 by The Trust Hospital in Accra, for being the first Permanent Physician Specialist of the facility, thus, bringing uniformity to patient care through the development of protocols and the initiation of weekly routine ward visits.

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