We have a unique brand – Ghanaian music duo Dope Nation explain the choice of name

We have a unique brand – Ghanaian music duo Dope Nation explain the choice of name

The all-time favourite Ghanaian music duo, Dope Nation has finally shared the inspiration behind their choice of name, adding a bit of detail on their new sound, ‘GhanaPiano’ and life back in Senior High school.

When asked to explain the meaning behind their name ‘Dope Nation’, the talented duo indicated that “The meaning ‘Dope’ is that jargon that we all term as unique in its own way; it has that wow factor.

“Musically, we are unique in our own form. We have this elite vision for music and that is why we call ourselves ‘Dope’. It’s a ‘Nation’ because it’s a movement and we are the ones representing it.”

With their new sound that infuses Ghanaian music genres and that of the famous South African ‘Amapiano’, the twins talk about why they decided to explore that idea and the name they gave to it, adding that their favourite song on it has not yet been released.

Speaking to Chrystal Kwame-Aryee on Showbiz 360, they stated “We think this is the time we all get updated with musical intelligence and at the same time, get entertained as well. The world is updating so fast in every industry with music inclusive. We know that since we the twins are at the borders of the Western world and that of Africa, we should find that bridge that connects everyone and that’s why we have ‘GhanaPiano’.”

Still on the same topic, according to them, “It’s basically the fundamentals of the instrumentals in the songs and since we are repping Ghana, we just had to use ‘Ghana’ and ‘Piano’, coining the term, ‘GhanaPiano’. The funny thing is, the favorite song is not yet out. You’ll hear it and be amazed.”

Shifting the conversation a bit to focus on how they got separated during their Secondary school days, one of the twins, Tony Boafo known as Twist, takes viewers down memory lane as he reveals he had to rap-battle his brother, Micheal Boafo popularly known as B2.

“My dad separated us when we were going to high school. I went to a boys’ school; GSTS and my brother went to Sekondi College. We used to have inter-college rap battles. I go to school after school and battle with the best rappers there. I then met my brother’s school. When I went there, I hadn’t seen him in a while so I asked who the best rapper was and they brought this guy (referring to his twin),” he disclosed.

The ‘GhanaPiano’ EP has been outdoored with songs like ‘Gboza’, ‘Clap’ and ‘Check My Zingo’, streaming on all platforms. The duo promises more fire and asks fans to stay put, anticipating for what is yet to come.
source: 3news.com

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