If you refuse to make demands, sidechicks will enjoy …Maurice Ampaw to wives

If you refuse to make demands, sidechicks will enjoy …Maurice Ampaw to wives

Renowned Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has advised wives not to have mercy on their husbands, but to make demands.

According to him, the more husbands spend on them, the more they love them(wives).

Speaking to GTV’s Thelma Tackie, Maurice Ampaw said, the amount of spending increases the love for women, because it becomes an investment.

He said if wives refuse to make demands by pitying their husbands, the monies will end up with sidechicks.

“You must always make a demand on your husband, don’t have mercy, don’t pitty your husband, don’t say, my husband doesn’t have money. We Men if you don’t demand from us, we will give that money to our sidechicks,” he said.

He said wives should not think they are doing their husbands good by not demanding. According to him, the more the wives make demands, the more husbands become responsible to them.

“We value our wives when we spend more on them, our love is based on how much we have invested in you,” he said.

The legal practitioner said due to the way men spend on their sidechicks, they are always crazy about them.

Maurice Ampaw advised husbands to take good care of their wives and treat them with respect, as well as give them quality enjoyment for a smooth relationship.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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