Achieve Your Goals with 5 Tips from Fernanda Splitter

<strong>Achieve Your Goals with 5 Tips from Fernanda Splitter</strong>

If we’re all honest, action doesn’t always result from our plans, even when we create them meticulously. Many people with fantastic ideas never get them to take off. According to Fernanda Splitter, it is essential to spend as much time on execution as planning, if not more.

Fernanda Splitter, a real estate investor and former model, explains that without taking action, she would not have transitioned her career. She explains that making plans, projections, and visions of where you want to be is one thing. The challenge comes when you need to put in the effort to achieve that vision. Splitter has compiled the following tips to help you put plans into action.● Create a plan of action

Yes, you need to plan your actions to make it easier to follow through. Splitter recommends creating an action plan for every point you include in your project. This kickstarts the next phase of your plan, ensuring that it doesn’t stall soon after it is created.● List each action in concrete detail.

You need to have more than a plan of action; you need elaborate details for each step. It might be a one-off action such as hiring a new team member. It is essential to know what kind of person you are looking for, where you plan to look for them and what their role will be once you find them. Having as much detail as possible on your actions makes it easy to ensure everything is executed to completion.● Have a timeline

Plans with timelines are more likely to be completed than plans with no sense of urgency. Depending on your vision and goals, your action plan can span, for example, three months. For each of those months, you need to detail what needs to start when and be completed by specific dates.● Allocate resources for the actions

Actions require resources to be successfully executed. You need to assign roles to people and figure out who is responsible for what. Splitter also points out the importance of listing what resources are needed: do you need people, finances, or items?● Measure your progress – and follow up.

Your action plan needs to be completed with a clear indication of how you will track and follow up on execution. Establish milestones for task completions, new ideas, revenue margins, etc.

Fernanda Splitter explains that by using the tips above, you can take your plan off the shelf and put it into action rather than let great ideas collect dust.

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