Africa 2100 train 25 people at Entrepreneurship workshop

Africa 2100 train 25 people at Entrepreneurship workshop

Twenty-five aspiring entrepreneurs have been trained successfully by Africa 2100 at an Entrepreneurship workshop.

The two-day entrepreneurship workshop took place at the Accra City Hotel in Accra from Monday, March 11-12, 2024,

Speaking to, the founder of Africa 2100, Chudi Obiaya said the objective of the workshop was to validate their business model by leveraging Entrepreneurship to improve the lives of those in the underserved communities on the African continent.

Again, he said it is to equip start-ups to execute their vision and build a community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

He charged them to build a network to continuously push their vision through regardless of the challenges.

Sandra Appertey, affectionately called Casandra of MoneyHub fame, the initiative’s local partners who searched for the right aspiring entrepreneurs for African 100, expressed her excitement in scouting for aspiring entrepreneurs for the event.

She said they partnered with Africa 2100 as a result of their resolve to create awareness on Business and financial literacy for Ghanaians.

Casandra said the programme was crucial in helping create entrepreneurship opportunities for people.

“We leave in a time where 6 out of 10 Africans do not have jobs and for this reason, such programmes are crucial,” she added.

As part of the workshop, participants were first given cards to build their dream house and debrief everyone.

This was aimed at equipping them with the ability to create a vision, which is a powerful tool for any entrepreneur.

Additionally, they also enabled participants to complete and conduct empathy mapping to understand the challenges and vision of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

They also guided participants with SWOT analysis tools and strategies to empower them to be successful in the business market.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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