Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill Debate:MPs should be sensitive to views of constituents – Della Sowah

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill Debate:MPs should be sensitive to views of constituents – Della Sowah

Member of Parliament for Kpando constituency,  Della Sowah has cautioned colleague MPs not to force personal views on their constituents regarding the current LGBTQ+ debate.
According to her, every MP should be sensitive to the views of the people they represent on their tolerance towards LGBTQ+ before making statements in support of it.
Ahead of the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill debate in Parliament, Della Sowah, who is one of the eight lawmakers sponsoring anti-LGBTQ+ Bill, in an interaction with a section of the  media has called on her colleague MPs to consider views of constituents.
She added that recent Afrobarometer survey released by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has shown that majority of Ghanaians are opposed to same-sex relationships.
Della Sowah stressed that the survey which was released in July 2021 indicated that although majority of Ghanaians are tolerant of persons from different ethnicities, only 7% are tolerant of persons of same-sex relationships, adding that “In my constituency the tolerant rate is minus minus 1.”
“If you represent people don’t push your views on them. Every country has its values and morals,” she said.
She further urged her colleagues not to allow other foreign cultures to influence their views because what is acceptable in one country may not be tolerated elsewhere. 
“Polygamy is not a crime in Ghana if we lived in US or Canada my late father would have been jailed. The popular saying is one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Don’t feed poison to Ghanaians,” she said.
According to her the Bible in Acts 26:24 says “While Paul was making this defense, Festus said loudly, “Paul, you are out of your mind! Your great education is turning you toward madness.”
Mrs.Sowah charged her colleagues not to run ahead of the people they represent in parliament. 

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